Let children often play these 5 kinds of educational toys from childhood, to avoid children addicted to mobile phones

Nowadays, people are basically inseparable from mobile phones. While bringing convenience to people, mobile phones also bring some problems to us. Nowadays, more and more phubbers can not help but take out their mobile phones to play all the time, and the distance between people has become distant. Not only that, even the three-year-old child can not help but hold the mobile phone to play a few times, the old man coax baby may also use the mobile phone, the child contact the phone too early for the child can think.

As time goes by, children may be addicted to mobile phone games. When children are addicted to mobile phone games, it will make their parents headache. Ignorant children may use their parents’ hard-earned money to recharge and reward anchors for playing mobile phones.

Children who are too addicted to their phones will spend less time outside, less contact with others, and become introverted and withdrawn. As playing mobile phones consumes a lot of time, children lack of exercise, physical quality deteriorates, especially the stimulation of mobile phones on the eyes, will lead to more and more children premature myopia, wear glasses.

Children addicted to mobile phones, will not only affect the child’s physical health, more will affect the child’s physical and mental health. This is rtf rc planes. Mobile phones are also full of negative negative things. Children contact too much, will affect the formation of children’s good character, resulting in children become more solitary, indifferent, and even violent tendency. This is one of the reasons why some teenagers are prone to violence.

If parents can’t prevent their children from becoming too addicted to their mobile phones in a timely and effective manner, then the children may become more and more deeply involved and eventually become problem children, leading to a road of no return. For the healthy growth of children, how should we help children get rid of mobile phone addiction, to avoid children addicted to mobile phones?

High quality parental companionship

For children, they don’t think mobile phones are interesting at first. They are just a little curious and simply imitate adults playing mobile phones, because children may be surrounded by people with their heads down playing mobile phones all the time. Over time, children will become curious about mobile phones, and then out of curiosity, they can’t help but want to study mobile phones. Gradually children learn to play mobile phones, and then mobile phone games attracted, eventually step by step deeper and deeper.

Parents should spend more time with their children if they don’t want them to contact their phones early and become addicted to them. It is important to know that when the child is young, the heart does not feel that the mobile phone is so fun, the most favorite is the company of parents.

If you want to avoid children addicted to mobile phones, then parents first need to change themselves, starting from putting down the phone, using the time to play with the phone, focus on playing with the child, to give the child high-quality company, so as to do a good example, in order to better help children away from mobile phones, avoid addicted to mobile phones.

Parents can accompany their children’s time, in fact, is very short, also in the primary school years. By middle and high school, the child may need to live in school and can only come back once a week. When I get to college, I may have to go home in summer and winter, and work only for the holidays. Therefore, we should cherish the time we spend with our children and accompany our children to grow up. This can not only make our children stay away from mobile phones, but also improve their healthy and happy growth.

Take your children outside to play more often

For children, or should take more children to play outdoors, let children contact nature, and other children play together, this is the life of children.

Take children to play outdoors more, can let children access to more interesting new things, avoid children’s myopia, enhance children’s physical quality. Playing with other children can also help children learn to socialize better. When they have their own playmates, they won’t always want to play mobile phones.

Children love to play, parents can buy these 5 types of toys for children, the more children play, the smarter they will not always want to play mobile phones.

Ball toy

Baby less than one year old, want to better exercise the baby’s brain, can only start from exercising the baby’s hand, exercise the baby’s little hand grip ability, through exercising the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability, can effectively stimulate the development of the baby’s brain, ball toys is the best choice.

The size of ball toys can change gradually with the age of the baby, but it needs to be noted that the ball toys can not be too small, otherwise it may be eaten by the baby.

When the baby can run and jump, you can play basketball and football with the baby, which is very good. It not only improves the child’s physical quality, but also exercises the child’s sports response ability, and can promote the baby to grow.

Combinatorial toy

When your child is about three years old, you can buy a combination of toys, such as puzzles and blocks. This kind of toys not only exercise children’s physical brain ability, but also exercise children’s thinking ability, as well as creativity, is a very good educational toys. Every baby should have a set of combinatorial toys.

Plush toy

Both boys and girls should have a stuffed animal that they like. Because a stuffed animal can be a companion for a child. Plush toys give the baby a parental touch, let the baby feel warm, feel safe and comfortable. When the baby has to sleep in a separate bed from the parents, it will be easier for the baby to adjust and not feel lonely and afraid.

Painting graffiti

Every baby is a little genius in painting, and can be a little painter. Parents may find it hard to cope with a baby’s tendency to doodle everywhere. Therefore, seeing children doodle, they may confiscate their tools or forbid children to doodle, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.

In fact, we can buy a drawing board or painting paper for the children, let the children on the paper, in the prescribed place at will. Maybe it will gradually become a hobby of children, so that they grow up to be painters.

Story picture book

Children love stories and picture books. There are not only a lot of interesting stories in picture books, but also let children learn a lot of knowledge. The cartoon characters in picture books are also very attractive to children.

When parents are telling stories to their children, their children listen attentively and ask questions from time to time. This can not only exercise children’s concentration, but also improve their thinking ability and memory.